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Checking for moisture under counters.

Water damage

A technician is checking for moisture under the cabinets in a classroom at Sunshine Elementary School in El Centro.

Commercial building with tarped roof

El Centro Commercial Storm Damage Gets Temp Repairs

Commercial storm damage created a leak in this El Centro roof. SERVPRO techs arrived on the scene rapidly and placed a tarp over the loss area to halt any further entry of water. After the cleanup efforts completed, the techs arranged for the needed repairs.

SERVPRO equipment used on ceiling

Somerton Ceiling Bulge Hints at Water Damage

When SERVPRO technicians arrive on-site at a Somerton property, they use their advanced moisture detection equipment extensively to pinpoint the water damage. As can be seen in this photo, the device gets used by a ceiling with small bulges that got traced to a roof leak as the culprit.

SERVPRO technicians in protective clothing on roof

Safety First During Biohazard Asbestos Cleanup in Calexico

Asbestos was used regularly in building materials in Calexico properties. However today it is a biohazard with the potential it has to cause serious illness means it requires remediation. SERVPRO techs wear protective gear for safe handling during the mitigation.

Fireplace with debris and fire damage

Brawley Fire Damage Looks Overwhelming to Cleanup

At first glance, this fire damage looks extensive in this Brawley home. SERVPRO technicians see the possibilities to save and restore as much of the structure as possible through their advanced cleaning methods and professional equipment and solutions that can lift away soot and remove smoke residues.

Room with cabinet removed with mold damage on the substrate

Mold Remediation in Yuma Home

In order to stay stealth and keep spreading, mold damage in a Yuma home counts on continued access to moisture and something to eat. When SERVPRO technicians handle mold remediation, they address the favorable conditions for the infestation so there will be no return of the issue.

Room with fire damage around fireplace

El Centro Fire Damage Needs Pack Out

It is unsafe for El Centro homeowners to remain around fire damage. SERVPRO techs pack out the restorable items while the mitigation efforts take place. In this home, the charred building materials required removal to prep the property for cleaning and reconstruction.

Hallway with SERVPRO drying equipment

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Crowley Baptist Church

After a pipe break in a Crowley church, the carpet got soaked. The techs quickly extracted the water and were able to dry the carpet in place. The technicians deployed their air movers and dehumidification equipment to dry the property quickly so the church could welcome members again for services.

SERVPRO air movers on a carpet in a hallway

Brawley Water Damage Needs Fast Action

When water damage cleanup in Brawley properties begins quickly enough, it has the potential to lessen the loss to the structure and contents. Because restoration services started rapidly, the carpet could dry in place without the need to remove the baseboards.

SERVPRO employee in home with fire damage

Demolition Necessary in El Centro Fire Daage Restoration

Sometimes an El Centro home has to look worse to get fully restored, especially after fire damage. Charred and water damaged sheetrock contributes nothing but odor and requires removal so the structure can both dry and receive odor control applications necessary before reconstruction.

Male SERVPRO tech using moisture detection equipment

Equipment Makes the Difference in Water Damage in El Centro

SERVPRO technicians never guess where the water damage in El Centro homes migrates into. Access to state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment is just one of the things that sets the standard of service apart from other restoration services. The devices allow them to see hidden water behind walls and under floors.

Home removed down to the framework

Never Delay Water Damage Cleanup in El Centro

Water damage gets worse the longer it waits for extraction and drying in El Centro homes. This home had water loss and too much time elapsed before the restoration services began and the loss area needed a complete demo down to the frame.

Kitchen cabinet with a wet interior with drying equipment

Imperial Kitchen Water Damage Gets Dried Quickly

When it comes to water damage, the faster the property dries, the less loss Imperial homeowners experience. That is why SERVPRO deploys multiple air movers and dehumidifiers to bring down the moisture levels quickly, as seen in this kitchen cabinet that had a leak.

Classroom with air movers drying around a cabinet and wall

SERVPRO Helps El Centro School with Commercial Water Damage

Fast action lessens commercial water damage to this El Centro schoolroom. SERVPRO technicians removed the baseboards for cleaning and re-installation. The powerful air movers deliver warm, dry air around the bottom of the wall and cabinet area, so the room attains pre-set drying goals as fast as possible.

Room with water from storm damage and SERVPRO drying equipment operating

Yuma Storm Damage Cleanup

This utility room in Yuma received storm damage and needed the floors dried fast. SERVPRO deployed multiple air movers in tandem with dehumidification equipment to quickly lower the ambient humidity and avoid further damage to the property from exposure to excessive moisture.

water damage caused mold to grow

Mold Damage In El Centro home

We responded to a call about a mold infestation in an El Centro home. A water damage disaster caused mold to grow out of control. We needed to work quickly to remove the damaged materials. Our experts worked quickly to make it “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has the equipment and expertise to return your home to pre-damage condition.

Water Damage In Yuma

We responded to a call from the Furniture Row Continuation in Yuma regarding a water loss emergency. Our crew arrived quickly and started the restoration process. Using our advanced equipment and training, we were able to restore this property to pre-damage condition.

Commercial Water Damage – El Centro

Water damage at this El Centro Entravision facility caused business interruption. Management was anxious to get the water cleaned up quickly and efficiently so they could get back to normal operations. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City provides 24/7 emergency service so we could immediately respond to our client’s needs with a sufficient amount of equipment to remediate their water damage problem.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Yuma

We were contacted by Furniture Row in Yuma regarding a water damage disaster. We responded quickly and began our restoration process. Using our advanced equipment and cleaning techniques, we were able to save this property. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has the training and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage- El Centro Home

Water damage top this El Centro home was the result of a water line running through the ceiling developing a leak. The leaking water pooled on top of the drywall ceiling until it finally dripped through to the floor below. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has a long resume of successfully completed water damage restoration projects such as this.

Storm Damage In Calexico

Don't worry call SERVPRO when a storm causes major damage to your home in Calexico. Our storm damage specialists are standing by 24/7 to respond to your call. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has the experience, advanced training, and specialized equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Commercial Water Damage in Yuma

Our recent customer called about a water damage event due to a pipe break at their office location. Team SERVPRO was quick to arrive and start the water removal process. Should your company be affected by water damage, call SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City at (760) 337-5858 right away.

Fire Damage Restoration In Brawley

We responded to a call about significant fire damage to a cabin in Palo Verde. The fire started after a neighbor was working on their home. Our crew was able to respond quickly and begin the restoration process. Our technicians used our state-of-the-art equipment and specialized cleaning techniques to restore this cabin to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Fire Damage – El Centro Commercial Building

Fire damage at the adjacent business in this El Centro commercial building left the pictured office with smoke and soot damage. The telltale smell from a fire was also permeating the room. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City industry certified technicians cleaned up the soot and smoke damage and set up a hydroxyl generator to eliminate the smoke odor.

Apartment Fire in Blythe

When a four-plex apartment building in Blythe, CA caught fire, they contacted SERVPRO. Only one unit was affected and the cause of the loss was a kitchen stove fire. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City remediated the damage and got them ready for restoration. Call us at (760) 337-5858 should your home face fire damages.

Fire Damage In Salton City

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City is available 24/7, locally owned and operated, and Faster to Any Size Disaster. We will respond quickly to your fire damage emergency. Our experts have the equipment, training, and experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Mold Damage - Thermal House

Mold damage developed in this Thermal, CA house when the toilet supply line burst while the homeowners were out of town. Their neighbor shut off the water and advised the owner which limited the damage, but by the time the owner returned mold damage had developed. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has a great deal of experience with mold damage, and we were able to clean up the mold for the homeowner.

Mold Patches in El Centro

The condensation line in the attic clogged and dripped water onto the ceiling tiles which soaked down the walls of this El Centro closet. The mold remediation meant the removal of the mold-infested drywall panels. SERVPRO crew members can then apply an antifungal agent to help prevent future mold growth.

Mold Remediation In El Centro

We were contacted regarding a mold damage emergency at a home in El Centro. The condensation line was clogged causing water damage and mold growth in the bedroom closet. Our team used state-of-the-art equipment and specialized cleaning techniques to restore this home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance for the El Centro Area

Our SERVPRO service area includes a lot of deserts and dusty environments. When a desert cooler or a powerful HVAC system has been installed in a home in the El Centro area, peak efficiency requires scheduled maintenance. A healthy IAQ indoor air quality can be achieved by having a highly trained, experienced, and equipped SERVPRO tech to keep the ducts clean of sand, dust, dander, mold spores, pollen, and allergens. Pictured is a powerful vacuum that generates a forceful suction to extract the debris from your ductwork. This unit is fitted with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorber) capable of capturing particles as small as 0.5 microns. This action means clean air. We also utilize a rotating brush tool to scrape the interior walls of the conduits to remove the unwanted elements. For residential and commercial cleaning, call us.

El Centro Commercial Water Damage

The condensation line clogged in the attic causing water damage and then secondary damage--mold growth. The soaked and infested building materials were torn out and discarded as illustrated in the Photo. SERVPRO technicians can safely secure the damaged restroom in this doctor's office, apply an antimicrobial agent, and ready the area for a rebuild. Call us to get it done right.

Mold Damage – El Centro Home

Mold damage developed in the bathroom of this El Centro home when a condensation line became clogged causing water damage that ultimately led to mold damage to the vanity cabinet. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City was called in to remediate both the water damage and the mold damage due to our long history of successful water and mold remediation.

Mold Remediation And Restoration In Yuma

Our team at SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City responded to a mold damage emergency at a condo in Yuma. Water damage from a burst toilet supply line caused mold to grow. Our professionals worked fast to restore this property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO has the mold damage experience, advanced training, and state-of-the-art equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

El Centro Mold Remediation and Cleanup

The mold damage to this El Centro home needs some professional assistance to help prevent future outbreaks. The AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians from our SERVPRO franchise can tear out and remove the non-salvageable building materials, apply an antifungal agent, and prepare the damaged exterior for a rebuild. Need help with mold? Give us a call.

Commercial Water Damage In Brawley

When water damages your business, you need the team at SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City. Our specialists can arrive at your property quickly, and we are available 24/7. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has the training, experience, and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Restoring Items After Residential Flooding

The items shown were involved in residential flooding. After careful inspection and restoration, SERVPRO helped this family return to a clean and dry home. When water takes control of your life, we help to take it back! 

Residential Flooding

SERVPRO responded to flooding in the residential property shown. After mitigating the damage by using our drying equipment, the floor was restored to its original condition. When water takes control of your life, we help you take it back! 

Storm Damage to Ceiling

SERVPRO can clean up after any type of storm.  The team is trained on cleaning techniques and can rebuild home from the studs to completion. This home suffered from storm damage to the ceiling and had to remove drywall and repaired some structure damage. 

Storm damage in California

Storm damage in California can affect areas with fire, winds, or rain water.  This area was affected by a wild fire that left the area dangerous for sight seeing.  The water was rising in the area which SERVPRO sent a team and cleaned up the area. 

Clean up Water Loss

SERVPRO has cleaning techniques to take care of any type of water loss.  This property suffered from significant water loss.  The property owners youldn't believe how quickly the team could tackle and clean the damage. 

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial property suffered from water damage.  SERVPRO responded and began to move pallets and merchandise away from the water to prevent damage.  The recovery team can ensure the water is dried and return to pre water conditions. 

Mold under cabinets

Mold can grow anywhere unexpectedly.  This cabinet had mold on the bottom where water and moisture had gotten and mold has grown because it wasn't dried. SERVPRO ripped out the cabinets and replaced flooring and cabinets. 

Mold Containment

Mold can spread throughout your home very quickly so it is important to make sure the room infested is contained to keep from spreading.  SERVPRO has special cleaning techniques for your mold remediation. 

Ceiling Suffered from Water Loss

This ceiling suffered with a water loss.  A pipe from upstairs started leaking into the kitchen ceiling causing the drywall to fall and water fall into the kitchen floor. SERVPRO quickly responded and began the clean up process. 

Commercial Water loss in CA

SERVPRO has special equipment for your commercial restoration emergency. The air movers dry the floors and walls.  The team responded and dried the area with air movers.  The water was extracted from the floors. 

Water Damage on staircase

Water can create loss throughout an entire home. These stairs were soaked with water after water loss. The carpet had to be completely ripped up to start the drying and reconstruction process. 

What can you do if you find mold?

Mold can grow in places you might not ever see until removed.  If you find mold contact SERVPRO and we can professionally remove the mold from your home or business.  

Closet Fire

Fires can be devastating.  The smoke and soot stains can be very hard to remove and ruin everything it touches.  SERVPRO has cleaning techniques they can use to clean the area and remove stains. 

Garage Water Loss

SERVPRO can respond to your water loss emergency.  This was a water loss after severe flooding in the garage.  The water was quickly extracted from the garage and all content dried 

Storm Clean up

This is a clean up after storm damage. The team at SERVPRO are ready anytime day or night for your storm emergency needs. The team has the expertise and equipment for any type of disaster. 

Flooded garage from storm

Storms can happen any time.  The team is ready to respond.  This garage had significant water damage from flooding.  The entire garage had to be torn out and dried.  The walls had water stains and had to be cleaned professionally. 

Kitchen affected by water loss

Call SERVPRO for your water loss emergency.  This is a water loss in a kitchen.  The water will damage the floors so its important to get the water up quickly and prep the floors to keep water from going under the wood.

Water Loss in Closet

SERVPRO responded to this water loss.  They dried all the content and carpet.  The team has all the equipment ready to respond to any type of water loss caused from flooding or storms.

We can respond to any mold remediation

SERVPRO can respond to any mold remediation.  The team has cleaning techniques to ensure your home is safe after cleaned by SERVPRO.  The mold can spread quickly so it's important to respond quickly. 

Water Loss to Commercial Property

This area was affected by a water loss.  The technicians at SERVPRO have the equipment to extract the water from the floor and quickly dry the area with air movers and drying techniques. 

Commercial Fire Loss

SERVPRO can respond to any fire commercial loss.  The team quickly responded and began the efforts of clean up after water loss from fire fighting. There was water inside and out. 

Aftermath of Fire Loss

This is the aftermath of a fire loss.  There was significant damage to the building and completely destroyed it and burnt to the ground.  SERVPRO responded for quick clean up to the area. 

Room after storm damage

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City responded to this damage after a storm.  The room had lots of debris and ceiling falling out.  The team has special equipment and techniques to get your room back to pre-storm conditions. 

Water Loss to Commercial Property

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has technicians trained in all areas for your restoration emergency. They can respond quickly to your water loss and quickly begin assessing the situation and extracting the water to prevent future damage followed by drying. 

Mold Wall Damage

SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City can respond to your mold remediation job.  They have trained technicians who specialize in professionally inspecting the area then assess and remediate your property.  They can validate and ensure the mold is free from the home.

El Centro Church Damage

SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City responded to this beautiful church and had the rafters and carpets cleaned after a fire had caused soot to cover the area.  They have professional cleaning equipment to clean after a restoration emergency.

Ash Cleanup in Progress

SERVPRO responded to the wild fires in the area.  The smoke from the fire caused a lot of ash to line the highways. Every time the wind blows the ash covers homes with a fresh film of soot. 

Mold in your home?

If you have mold in your home, SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City is here to help! We have teams that are trained and certified to help remove and treat mold. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out at anytime. 

Water Loss in a Gym

Our team was quick to respond to this water loss in a fitness facility. We were able to extract quickly and remove all of the water. After we placed drying equipment to get the facility dry and ready to be reopened. 

Our Team

Our team having fun in the community. We love the families in El Centro, CA and like to support and participate in many local events. Check out our SERVPRO bounce house. 

Fire Damage in Calexico, CA

SERVPRO was quick to respond to a recent fire in this shopping center in Calexico, CA. We were able to start the cleaning and demolition process to begin work to get this facility back open again. SERVPRO can make Fire Damage "Like it never even happened!" 

Fire Damage in Fitness Facility

SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City was quick to respond to this recent fire damage in Calexico, California. We started the process of extracting water and demolition to get this facility ready for business. 

Our Team

We love our team! Fire and Water Damage Experts in the El Centro and Salton City Area. We are quick to respond to any fire or water loss in the area and love our customers.