Water Damage Photo Gallery

Checking for moisture under counters.

Water damage

A technician is checking for moisture under the cabinets in a classroom at Sunshine Elementary School in El Centro.

SERVPRO equipment used on ceiling

Somerton Ceiling Bulge Hints at Water Damage

When SERVPRO technicians arrive on-site at a Somerton property, they use their advanced moisture detection equipment extensively to pinpoint the water damage. As can be seen in this photo, the device gets used by a ceiling with small bulges that got traced to a roof leak as the culprit.

SERVPRO air movers on a carpet in a hallway

Brawley Water Damage Needs Fast Action

When water damage cleanup in Brawley properties begins quickly enough, it has the potential to lessen the loss to the structure and contents. Because restoration services started rapidly, the carpet could dry in place without the need to remove the baseboards.

Home removed down to the framework

Never Delay Water Damage Cleanup in El Centro

Water damage gets worse the longer it waits for extraction and drying in El Centro homes. This home had water loss and too much time elapsed before the restoration services began and the loss area needed a complete demo down to the frame.

Kitchen cabinet with a wet interior with drying equipment

Imperial Kitchen Water Damage Gets Dried Quickly

When it comes to water damage, the faster the property dries, the less loss Imperial homeowners experience. That is why SERVPRO deploys multiple air movers and dehumidifiers to bring down the moisture levels quickly, as seen in this kitchen cabinet that had a leak.

Classroom with air movers drying around a cabinet and wall

SERVPRO Helps El Centro School with Commercial Water Damage

Fast action lessens commercial water damage to this El Centro schoolroom. SERVPRO technicians removed the baseboards for cleaning and re-installation. The powerful air movers deliver warm, dry air around the bottom of the wall and cabinet area, so the room attains pre-set drying goals as fast as possible.

El Centro Commercial Water Damage

The condensation line clogged in the attic causing water damage and then secondary damage--mold growth. The soaked and infested building materials were torn out and discarded as illustrated in the Photo. SERVPRO technicians can safely secure the damaged restroom in this doctor's office, apply an antimicrobial agent, and ready the area for a rebuild. Call us to get it done right.

Restoring Items After Residential Flooding

The items shown were involved in residential flooding. After careful inspection and restoration, SERVPRO helped this family return to a clean and dry home. When water takes control of your life, we help to take it back! 

Residential Flooding

SERVPRO responded to flooding in the residential property shown. After mitigating the damage by using our drying equipment, the floor was restored to its original condition. When water takes control of your life, we help you take it back! 

Clean up Water Loss

SERVPRO has cleaning techniques to take care of any type of water loss.  This property suffered from significant water loss.  The property owners youldn't believe how quickly the team could tackle and clean the damage. 

Ceiling Suffered from Water Loss

This ceiling suffered with a water loss.  A pipe from upstairs started leaking into the kitchen ceiling causing the drywall to fall and water fall into the kitchen floor. SERVPRO quickly responded and began the clean up process. 

Water Damage on staircase

Water can create loss throughout an entire home. These stairs were soaked with water after water loss. The carpet had to be completely ripped up to start the drying and reconstruction process. 

Garage Water Loss

SERVPRO can respond to your water loss emergency.  This was a water loss after severe flooding in the garage.  The water was quickly extracted from the garage and all content dried 

Kitchen affected by water loss

Call SERVPRO for your water loss emergency.  This is a water loss in a kitchen.  The water will damage the floors so its important to get the water up quickly and prep the floors to keep water from going under the wood.

Water Loss to Commercial Property

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City has technicians trained in all areas for your restoration emergency. They can respond quickly to your water loss and quickly begin assessing the situation and extracting the water to prevent future damage followed by drying. 

Water Loss in a Gym

Our team was quick to respond to this water loss in a fitness facility. We were able to extract quickly and remove all of the water. After we placed drying equipment to get the facility dry and ready to be reopened.