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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in El Centro, CA

Here is a recent before and after of a fire loss in El Centro, CA. SERVRPRO of El Centro/ Salton City was called to come and cleanup after this fire loss in El ... READ MORE

Water Damage and Carpet Cleaning in Calexico, CA

Here is a recent before and after of a water damage and carpet cleaning job SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City performed in Calexico, CA. Our team quickly arrive... READ MORE

Water Damage in Salton City

Here is a water loss SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City was able to help with. Our team arrived and quickly extracted the water and placed drying equipment. With... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Chimney

Here is a recent job we cleaned in El Centro, CA from a fire in a Chimney. This Chimney Fire Caused smoke and odor damage in this clients house. We were able to... READ MORE

Gym Water Damage

Our team at SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City was called to handle this water loss at a local gym. We carefully removed all water and began placing drying equip... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Loss

Our team was quick to respond to this water loss in a residential kitchen. SERVPRO of El Centro/ Salton City had extraction equipment on site immediately to hel... READ MORE

Water damage after a storm

This home took on water after a recent storm in El Centro, CA. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City was quick to respond and start the extraction process. What NO... READ MORE

Fire damage cleanup in El Centro

This home had a fire loss that SERVPRO of El Centro was called to assist. The fire had started upstairs and left soot all along the way. The carpeting of these ... READ MORE

Cleaning After Smoke Damage in Church

This building had some smoke damage and needed help with the cleaning of the ceiling and rafters. It is a beautiful building that we were honored to help restor... READ MORE

Does your home have smoke damage?

Just because your home was not the one that burned down doesn't mean it was not damaged. The home in this picture was a total loss. Trailers are built very ligh... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow

SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City was called to this home to clean up a water loss due to an overflowing toilet. There was plenty of water still on the floor w... READ MORE

Flooded Dining Room

This dining room was damaged by water when a pipe in the kitchen broke. There was a significant amount of water on the floor as you can see from the images. SER... READ MORE

When Dealing With Fire Damage

There are several things that will be left behind after a fire. There will obviously be damage from direct contact with the fire, but there may also be soot, de... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Kitchen

This commercial kitchen suffered damage from a large fire as you can see from the images. SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City was called in to take care of the c... READ MORE

Flooded Home Due To Damaged Roof

The roof of this home took serious damage from high winds and the heavy rains came pouring into the home when the ceiling collapsed under the weight of the soak... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapse After Roof Damage

If your home has suffered damage to its roof due to high winds from severe storms, it can develop leaks. Those leaks if not caught and repaired can allow a mois... READ MORE

Mold On The Stairs

When a moisture problem went unchecked for a while due to the homeowner being away for a brief period of time, this mold problem began to develop in the home. S... READ MORE

Garage Water Damage and Mold

Black Mold Growing in Garage When this house in El Centro, CA had a water damage they didn't realize how fast the mold was going to grow. Looking at the picture... READ MORE

Mold Damage in El Centro, CA

Garage with Mold Damage and Water Damage A broken pipe had let out a lot of water in this home in El Centro, CA. The homeowners were not at home to shut off the... READ MORE

Salton City, CA Mold Remediation

How is mold remediated? SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City responded to this home with a water damage that ended up having mold too. Following these steps eradi... READ MORE

Having Mold Doesn't Have to be Devastating

When there's something strange... And it don't look good...This home in Heber, CA had a water damage under their sink. The supply line had broken and was leakin... READ MORE

Mold Covered Wall is Removed

Seeley, CA Home Mold Damage Removing mold is not an easy task, especially when there is a lot. There was a lot of black mold growing on the wall of this house. ... READ MORE

School Campus Flooding

El Centro, CA School is Flooded Gallons of water was pooling in this school for hours. The water had gone through the entire school and down to the basement. SE... READ MORE

Warehouse in Mexico has Fire Damage

Mexican Warehouse Restoration It's not everyday that we get a call to do some international work. The company that owned this building had an insurance company ... READ MORE

Roof Damage in El Centro, CA

Replacing a Room and Roof A bad storm had caused the roof to cave in on this home. The ceiling was now laying on the floor and water was leaking in from the dam... READ MORE

Calexico, CA Bathroom with Water Problems

Water Problems in Bathroom The bathroom has a lot of different hoses and faucets that can have a problem. The faucets all have supply lines too, which was one o... READ MORE

What happens if my building is flooded?

Call the Experts for Flood Damage Restoration! When the water was too high outside from heavy rains and flooding, this company had to close down and have their ... READ MORE

El Centro, CA Flooding

What can be saved after a flood? It's unfortunate that there will be a lot of demolition to a home after flooding. The main reason is that flood water is highly... READ MORE

Setting Up Drying Equipment

How is Drying Equipment Used? On a large commercial loss, such as this building in Salton City, CA, you need to rely on the company with the right equipment. No... READ MORE

Flooding from Rain and Storm

How do I prepare my home from storm? There will be a lot of homes damage after a storm. It's important to keep your home safe and in position to be restored qui... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Salton City

A fire can cause major damage to your kitchen. Our experts are ready 24/7 to help you with your fire damage emergency. Our fire damage technicians will arrive q... READ MORE

Mold Damage In Yuma

Our crew responded to a call regarding a mold damage emergency from a condo in Yuma. The mold growth was caused by the toilet supply line bursting causing water... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Yuma Condominium

Mold damage was the result of a burst water supply line to the toilet that occurred when the homeowners were out of town. An adjoining neighbor detected the wat... READ MORE

Water and Mold Damage in El Centro

The Before Photo depicts the hanging, water damaged ceiling, stained with mold growth, in this El Centro doctors' office. The clogged condensation line from the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in an El Centro Bathroom

The clogged condensation line resulted in water damage and a large mold patch in this El Centro bathroom. The Before Photo shows the affected area after our SER... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair And Restoration In El Centro

Our crew at SERVPRO of El Centro / Salton City was contacted regarding a fire damage emergency at a property in El Centro. The tenant left the bathroom exhaust ... READ MORE

El Centro Comprehensive Mold Remediation

The blockage in the condensation line of the air handler in this El Centro attic resulted in water wicking into gypsum board materials of the ceiling, walls, an... READ MORE

Water Damage – Westmoreland Mobile Home

Water damage to this Westmoreland residential city-owned mobile home was caused by the washing machine supply line bursting. The water damage was obvious, but m... READ MORE

Mold Damage After a Water Loss in Thermal, CA

The burst water line in this Thermal bathroom was shut off by a neighbor when checking his out-of-town friend's home. He informed him of the break, and the home... READ MORE

Yuma Fire Damaged Home and SERVPRO Restoration

Restoration jobs that require construction are typically done in two primary phases: mitigation and reconstruction. In the mitigation phase all non-salvageable... READ MORE